About us

100% hungarian ownership

EDI, a standards-based data communication

About us

Our company was founded in 2008 and has operated as an independent company in 100% Hungarian ownership since. Founders are Imre Léhnert (software developer) and Tamás Nemes (IT engineer). We are both open to new ideas and are constantly working on the further development of our joint company.

Our customers include both domestic and foreign buyers.

We have extensive experience in developing programs based on individual needs. We serve multinational automotive groups, trade networks and representatives of the textile industry as our customers.

We hope to see you soon among our customers, too!

Imre Lénert 
technical director
Tamás Nemes
We recommend it to those interested, our new and existing customers!

Our book on EDI is now available!

We would like to make our experience in EDI development accessible to everyone in the form of a book. We have tried to present the topic from a point of view so that it is understandable and, after reading the book, everyone can judge it according to the aspects of their own area of ??expertise.

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