Why EDI?

...data exchange without human intervention...

EDI, a standards-based data communication

Why EDI?

EDI ensures the electronic exchange of documents between companies. These are mostly invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders or drawdown orders used in trade.

But EDI is fundamentally different from the commonly known and widely used interfaces. The main differences are as follows:

  • The formats meet the standard.
  • Data is only exchanged via computers, without human intervention.
  • As a result, internal processes can be initiated without human action based on the instructions in the message. For example, this can be the automated creation of production orders.

These features can also be used by your company.

With a well-configured EDI system, replacing manual document processing can minimize errors and free many human workerforce. Furthermore, typing errors can be eliminated, processes considerably accelerated and thus the efficiency be increased in general. This can make huge changes in the lives of many companies.

If you pay the necessary attention to these processes as a company manager, the investment made will pay off amply.

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