Supported services

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EDI, a standards-based data communication

Supported services

We take on the complete development of an EDI communication system, the conversion of any internal formats to EDI messages, and the conversion of all EDI messages to the format used in your company.

With the EDIsys server, we enable a single-channel operation with which you only have to process documents in the formats that are customary in your own administration. We take care of the different formats of your partners. For everyone, we use the communication method expected from us. Your partners are in direct contact with us, we guarantee a data connection and its administration around the clock.

If you do not yet have an EDI system and want to communicate with your partners through electronic data exchange, we can help you choose the optimal solution. Development is always carried out by prior agreement or on the basis of documentation or sample messages. In addition to the simpler messages in retail, we also offer more complex solutions.

We take over the conversion of all common EDI standards and message types.

Selfbilling solutions

The Selfbilling solution, which is widespread in certain industries, causes difficulties for domestic suppliers in many cases for the NAV online invoice. With our ready-for-use technology, we can automate these invoicing processes.